You are a special agent with the FBI and have been assigned to a…

You are a special agent with the FBI and have been assigned to a high-profile kidnapping case of an eight-year-old little girl who is being held for ransom. The kidnappers, in their last attempt to contact the family, indicated that if they did not receive their one-million-dollar ransom, the little girl would “pay the price with her life.” Forensic technology experts were able to triangulate the position of the phone call, determine that the person was using a cell phone, and identify a physical address. You obtain a search warrant for the premises. That evening, you and your team of swat officers from the FBI enter the house where the cell phone call originated. Upon entry, the house was empty, with no child, but it did have one suspect with a cell phone.
1.Knowing that you only had a search warrant for the house, and not the suspect’s cell phone that might have other valuable information regarding the girl’s whereabouts-what do you do?
2. Do you wait for a search warrant to search the cell phone, or do you search it without a warrant? Please explain and justify your response?
3.You place the suspect into custody. Are you allowed to search her? She has a backpack next to her at the time of the arrest. Are you able to search the backpack? Explain and justify the answer.
4.There is a vehicle registered the suspect in the driveway of the house. Are you able to search the vehicle?
5.You take the suspect into custody and bring her to the station house. Are you able to ask her questions regarding the child’s whereabouts? Do you need to Mirandize her? Is she entitled to an attorney? please explain and justify your answers.

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