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everything in the word file. I provided the materials as well. Don’t use the ai. I’m going to run ai check.
Requirements: as it needed

Your first essay assignment will focus on international trade theory, political economy, and regional integration. You must choose a topic of interest to you within chapter 6.
For each essay topic find one, two, or more articles on that topic. Articles that appear in management journals are valuable sources of research as they have rich bibliographies. You may also search for articles in periodicals such as Businessweek, Forbes, or others. Good newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post are also good sources for current event articles. The essays should summarize the articles and relate them to the material learned in class.
The essay should have a minimum of 500 words and should not exceed 800 words. It should be completed in .doc, docx or .rtf format using APA or MLA Format.
It is recommended that your essay have the following sections:
INTRODUCTION. The introduction states the reason(s) why your topic deserves consideration. In other words, why is your topic relevant present day.
SUMMARY OF RESEARCHED ARTICLEs. Summarize the article(s) you have selected that relate to your topic selection. Each article should be summarized separately and do not start a new page with each summary. Also, include proper citations of quotations, explicit references, or paraphrasing used to support your summary of the article(s).
TEXTBOOK CONNECTION. Search through your textbook and obtain information that relates to your topic. Demonstrate how the information found supports or contradicts information in your article(s). Also, include proper citations of quotations, explicit references, or paraphrasing used from your textbook.
EVALUATION AND CONCLUSION. Provide your educated assessment of the research conducted, while including the main points of the essay in short.
WORKS CITED. Include at the end of the essay proper citation of the research article(s) and textbook.
Essays awarded 80-100%
Essays that earn 80-100% will be clearly and professionally presented in APA or MLA Format and free of typographical and other errors. The quality of the articles or literature evaluated, and their source(s), will be sound. The writing will demonstrate the ability to properly relate theory to the article(s) reviewed. The paper will follow the five-part outline and each part will be complete. The paper will be uploaded to the essay assignment folder on or before the due date.
Note: Turnitin.com is used to determine essay originality. Submissions with a Similarity score higher than 60% may NOT earn more than one-half credit. Papers with 80% or higher will earn NO points. It is up to the instructor whether papers may be re-submitted.

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