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Follow up Questions
Columbus is a complex figure. It is known he was not the first European to discover the New World? So, who discovered it first? Why don’t they get the claim for discovering the New World?
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Columbian exchange
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Impact of Columbian Exchange on Americans, Europe, and Africa
The Columbian exchange was the exchange of goods and other items that happened between the Old and New World. The exchange had a significant effect on Americans, and one of the effects was that it brought in new diseases. These diseases were a great challenge for Americans because they had no experience managing and treating them (Hancock, 2022). The exchange also improved American firms by bringing in new crops, which also helped improve the diet of the Native Americans.
In Europe, the Columbian exchange resulted in a disrupted ecosystem. This is because the exchange brought in new animals, such as pigs, while eliminating other animals, such as beavers. The exchange also initiated the economic shift of Europe towards capitalism. This is because the exchange brought in new crops in Europe, which stimulated population and economic growth, hence facilitating the shift from feudalism to capitalism (McNeill, 2019). Also, the exchange resulted in the discovery of new and precious metals in Europe, which motivated the shift to capitalism, where the economy was now based on monetary investment and not land ownership.
In Africa, the Columbian exchange resulted in the introduction of food and fiber crops, which also helped improve the diet of the Africans. The exchange also increased the population of Africa very rapidly by millions. The exchange disrupted agriculture in most parts of Africa. This is because it brought new pests and crop and animal diseases (Hancock, 2022). The exchange also improved agriculture by bringing in new breeds of disease-resistant crops and animals that do well in the climate and soils in Africa.
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biological and cultural consequences of 1492.” Economic Botany 82–102.
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