Week 4 CAT 2…

Week 4 CAT 2 http://www.insurancejournal.com/news/southeast/2008/03/05/87926.htm This professional observation of unethical conduct shocked me. I worked arson cases with the firemen. Leadership and organizational culture can create unethical behavior. For example, a supervisor sets a conduct and ethical standard for an organization. Firemen, in theory, are supposed to assist in reducing and eliminating fires to protect the public from injury. “Such role expectations and boundaries serve to protect the profession and to safeguard the welfare of clients” (Becvar, Bevar, & Canfield, 1997, p. 144). Support staff may or may not synthesize behaviors into professional practice. Each person in criminal justice has a choice to be unethical or ethical. References Becvar, D., Becvar., R., & Canfield, B. (1997). Group Work and Social Constructionist Perspective. Denver, Co: Love Publishing Co. Post comments and observations about this lecture. How does professional experience relate to criminal justice research? Is this case relevant toward obtaining data from the UCR, NCVS, and self -reported date? What spiritual parables relate to the real life experience? Professional observations may present opportunities for specific analysis. In your response, determine specific attributes are needed for future research relating to the lecture/professional observation. Please review the key topic areas for research below.

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