Using a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)…

Using a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) framework, conduct a SWOT analysis and 525 or more words summary of your results as if you were the training officer for an agency where you need to communicate your ideas with executive leaders. The leadership team at the agency is planning to meet to discuss the efficacy of its organizational behavior before it makes decisions about changes. As a training officer, you have been asked to contribute information on individual and group behaviors within the agency for them to consider at the meeting.
Select a specific type of criminal justice agency (local, state, or federal), and research effective team dynamics and strategies for this type of agency.
Part 1: SWOT Analysis
Complete the SWOT Analysis Template for individual and group behaviors for the type of agency/work setting you selected.
Part 2: Executive Summary
Refer to your completed SWOT analysis to support ethical decision-making. Your summary should include the following information with supportive evidence from your research and SWOT analysis:
Identify key findings from your SWOT analyses of individual and group behaviors in the workplace.
Explain the impact of individual and group behaviors in the criminal justice organization setting that you selected.
Describe strategies to support individual and group ethical decision-making. Explain how to leverage individual and group behaviors into effective team strategies.
Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed sources according to APA guidelines.
Submit your SWOT analysis and executive summary for your assessment.

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