Using 10Q to answer accounting questions

accounting report and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Using this link is the 10Q from Starbucks, which I took from this website…. It is the 10Q from this past August 2023. I am supposed to take this 10Q and get these answered to write a paper. I need help with this math, so I am writing the paper correctly. Thank you!
Here is the objective to understand what I will need the help for Use the 10Q to do the below analysis and compose a paper explaining your analysis and whether the company is in a better financial position year over year.
Questions I need help with:
Revenue increase year over year (mainly from?)
Did operating profit margin increase or decrease year over year? What caused the increase or decrease cogs, sale mix, operating expense?
Did return on equity increase or decrease year over year why (lower net income or more shares outstanding) Did the company’s price-earning ratio go up or down? Were there any stock repurchases? What implications does the increase or decrease have to the company.
Calculate the following ratios current ratio, ar collection period, inventory turns, acid test ratio. Is the company’s liquidity better or worse year over year? Are they managing their inventory and cash collections better or worse year over? Based on your analysis ( better or worse) how will this affect the company going forward?
Calculate the following ratios Operating return on assets, Fixed asset turnover Debt ratio, Times interest earned. Analyze if ratios are better or worse and what does that indicate about the company?
Did the company issue a dividend for the current year and the previous year? Did the dividend increase or decrease year over year?
Requirements: as long as needed | .doc file

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