Understanding poverty of Australia

Must be based on this academic resource: https://melbourneinstitute.unimelb.edu.au/research/labour/henderson-poverty-line#further
Henderson, R.F. (1975), Poverty in Australia: First Main Report, April 1975, Commission of Inquiry into Poverty, AGPS, Canberra.
Henderson, R.F., Harcourt, A. and Harper, R.J.A (1970), People in Poverty: A Melbourne Survey, Cheshire, Melbourne.

Part 1: library blog
Word limit: 200 words
Topic: Little mention of migrant/indigenous populations – migrants from non commonwealth ‘white’ countries considered disabled? → reflective of the time and social attitudes, poverty measured from a white patriarchal nuclear family standpoint
Part 2: literature review
Word limit: 500 words
Thesis statement: Changing attitudes towards poverty in Australia then and now
Topic: Migrants (white migrants, non-white migrants considered to have “disability”, lack of inclusion of PoC and Indigenous peoples, focus on ‘white Australia’
Requirements: 800 words

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