Theories and Models of Human Development and Behavior II

science project and need support to help me learn.

Family Dynamics in Adulthood and Social Work Intervention
Write an analytical essay that addresses the types, dynamics, cycles and changes of the family in early and middle adulthood, as well as the role of the social worker in the family,
“Challenges and changes in family dynamics during early and middle adulthood require specialized social work intervention that supports family adaptation and well-being.”
Contribute to minimum of 4 pages. It should include at least (number) academic sources, formatted and cited in APA.
Select a rubric that matches the assignment’s requirements if the default does not fit.
Be sure to review the academic expectations for your submission.
Submission Instructions:
Submit your assignment by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday.
Review the rubric to determine how your assignment will be graded.
Your assignment will be run through Turnitin to check for plagiarism. Please check your results, make any necessary corrections and resubmit a revised copy if the system identifies issues.

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