Taysir Hed 120 assess 1

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Body size and functioning; recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and adequate sleep; avoiding unhealthy habits
1.4.2 SOCIAL
Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and sustained support system; having positive relationships
Recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills; being open-minded
Coping effectively with life and expressing emotions in an appropriate manner
Having a sense of purpose and meaning in life; establishing peace, harmony, and balance in our lives
Occupying pleasant, healthy, and safe environments that support wellbeing; positively impacting the quality of our surroundings (including protecting and preserving nature)
Learning about the Six Dimensions of Health can help a person choose how to make wellness a part of everyday life. Wellness strategies are practical ways to start developing healthy habits that can have a positive impact on physical and mental health.

The assignment of health assessment is in the attached file
Requirements: Answer the questions of the attached assessment
Consider the Six Dimensions
Think about each dimension of your health. For each dimension, list what you believe to be a strength or positive characteristic (examples are provided). Also, list an aspect of each dimension that you would like to improve.
PhysicalDimension : To maintain overall physical health by eating well, engaging in a balanced exercise program, and having appropriate medical check-ups.
Strong Characteristic:
Aspect to Improve:
EmotionalDimension :To have a positive self-concept, deal constructively with your feelings, and develop positive qualities such as optimism,trust, and determination.
Strong Characteristic:
Aspect to Improve:
Social Dimension :To develop and maintain meaningful relationships with a network of friends and family members and to contribute to the community (e.g., friendly, helpful, compassionate, supportive, charitable).
Strong Characteristic:
Aspect to Improve:
IntellectualDimension : To actively pursue a wide understanding about topics and issues,think critically about important questions, and to identify problems and develop solutions based on sound judgment (e.g., curious, analytical, creative, objective).
Strong Characteristic:
Aspect to Improve:
Spiritual Dimension : To develop a set of beliefs, principles, or values that gives meaning or purpose to your life; to develop faith in something beyond yourself (e.g., religious faith, service to others, respect for life).
Strong Characteristic:
Aspect to Improve:
What did you learn about yourself by completing this self-assessment?
What are two things you can start doing this week to improve upon your weakest dimensions of health?

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