TASK: For this assessment you are required to produce an annotated…

For this assessment you are required to produce an annotated bibliography that discusses 5 references which you will use for your crime analysis essay. The annotated bibliography must include the following:
The question “Illicit drug use is sometimes dealt with as a criminal issue, and is accordingly sometimes managed through a law enforcement response. How would classical theory explain the offence of drug use? What response to illicit drug use would a classical approach suggest? In this response, describe the theory and consider its strengths and weaknesses when used to examine this issue.” This should clearly state the question.
An Introduction. Draft a potential introduction that could form part of your major essay.
Abstracts. Draft a short summary of each article/reference you have chosen. Briefly discuss the key points of the article and how it will contribute to your major essay.
Summary. Finally, you should provide a summing up of the key themes drawn from above and how they relate to your major essay.

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