SUBJ: EVIDENCE 1. Define evidence (under the Revised Rules on…

1. Define evidence (under the Revised Rules on Evidence)
2. Define and differentiate Factum Probandum vs Factum Probans;
3. Define the following:
a. Direct Evidence;
b. Circumstantial Evidence;
c. Positive Evidence;
d. Negative Evidence;
e. Primary Evidence;
f. Secondary Evidence;
g. Conclusive Evidence;
h. Prima Facie Evidence;
i. Cumulative Evidence;
j. Corroborative Evidence;
k. Documentary Evidence;
l. Object evidence;
m. testimonial Evidence;
n. Relevant/material evidence;
o. Competent Evidence;
p. Expert evidence;
q. Conclusive evidence;
r. Best evidence;
s. Secondary evidence;
t. Real evidence;
u. Rebuttal Evidence;
v. Irrelevant Evidence;
w. Evidence on collateral matters;
x. incompetent evidence;
y. inadmissible evidence;
z. Immaterial evidence;
aa. Derivative evidence.
4. 3 requirements of admissibility of evidence

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