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Find the Modulus of elasticity, Yield stress, Yield strain, Ultimate stress, Fracture stress, Fracture strain from two given stress-strain curves
Requirements: Answer all questions
Figure 1
The stress–strain diagram for a steel alloy having an original diameter of 0.5 in. and a gage length of 2 in. is given in the figure.
Figure description
A sigma-epsilon diagram. The diagram’s vertical sigma-axis is in kilo pounds per square inch and ranges from 0 to 105 in increments of 15. The diagram’s horizontal epsilon-axis is in inches per inch and ranges from 0 to 0.35 in increments of 0.05. The epsilon-axis also ranges from 0 to 0.007 in increments of 0.001. The diagram shows two curves tracing scatter plots. Graphed using the range of larger epsilon-values, the first graph is concave down as it rises from (0, 63) through (0.05, 90) to a peak at (0.20, 101) and then falls to (0.31, 80). Graphed using the range of smaller epsilon-values, the second curve rises in a straight line from (0, 0) to (0.002, 60) before becoming concave down and rising through (0.0064, 65). All points are estimated.
Figure 2
Based on each of these stress-strain curves, calculate or identify the following items:
Modulus of elasticity
Yield stress
Yield strain
Ultimate stress
Fracture stress
Fracture strain

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