Solutions to a Case Study on AI Ethics: Bias and discrimination of AI-enabled predictive analytics.

computer science case study and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Topic: Bias and discrimination of AI-enabled predictive analytics.
Starting with the detailed investigation on the selected topic with respect to impacts and risks in the concerned area (not including general descriptions about AI and AI ethics, neither a comprehensive literature as being done in Assignment-1), the report should compare the current practice against the required regulations (in students’ own opinions) and differences among the related legislations in different countries, regions, and organisations. Students should then explain and justify the required regulations they proposed and provide further details of the solutions, which could include international cooperation, dialogue between governments, communities and related stakeholders, and the feasible measures to avoid bias, discrimination, and unfairness, ensure transparency and accountability, protect privacy and other human rights, and increase people’s trust and support to the development and deployment of new AI technologies, to name a few. The proposed solutions should be supported by the case study carried out in the assignment using real-world events. Students should present their research report including the case study in a single WORD file within a length of about 2000 words (excluding the title/subtitles, tables, figures, and bibliography)
Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s Ethics Framework (A Discussion Paper)
General Data Protection Regulation GDPR
Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI…
Requirements: 2000 words

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