Sociology Question

Thesis- Strict gun control measures aimed at restriction access to firearms among youth are imperative for safeguarding their lives and the well-being of society as a whole.
The topic for this paper is the efficacy of gun control legislation on violent crime. In other words,does gun control work? Within that topic, you have wide latitude. You might argue that gun control has no effect on violent crime. You might argue that gun control has a large effect. You might argue that
gun control is effective at reducing some kinds of crime, but not others. Whatever you want, as long as it engages the broad topic. Please see me if you have trouble getting started. Please note that the goal of this paper is not to figure out what Dr. Lewis believes and write about that. The purpose is to choose a thesis and defend it using sociological reasoning supported by relevant scholarship.
Please feel free to form your own opinion on the topic.

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