Services Marketing Plan – Company and Service Introduction

marketing writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

After reading the materials attached, you will be completing the Company and Service Introduction Section of your Services Marketing Plan. In this section,
Describe a brief overview of the service offering(s) and provide a rationale for why this service is needed. Describe how intangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability, and perishability factor into the service.
Provide the Company’s mission statement
My thought is I will be offering a service: A dancing studio online renting App. People could register the studios that are available and vacant on certain dates and times easily online. They could choose the locations and sizes on the App. This service could offer dancers who need to practice but do not reserve the studio spaces much ahead of time.
You could expand on my thoughts to complete the Company and Service Introduction Section.
Remember, you will be creating a new start-up service organization that is offering a new service. Essentially, you are an entrepreneur interested in marketing your start-up service company.
Notes: This paper must be formatted in APA Style 7th edition.
Requirements: 900

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