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asian studies report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

The minimum word count for the midterm is 1,500. Failure to meet the word count when submitting the final draft will result in grade penalties. Utilize our readings to make your points, but you should also conduct research into outside sources (as well as any past readings that you feel are relevant) to support your points. However, the foundation of the midterm is based upon your understanding and approach to assigned core of articles. You have flexibility in how you want to apply those articles.Use your own judgement, but it should be sufficient. (TIP: Using only one article = not sufficient)
PROMPT: Synthesize your understanding of this weeks’ readings and our past discussions of Asian American communities to discuss today’s racial landscape, specifically through the framework of policing and communities of color. Understand that this topic, similar to other issues discussed in this course so far, reveals divisions among the Asian American community. site.-they do not all share the same position. Considering the past history of racialized violence against Asian Americans, as well as their common positioning as the “model minority,” how are Asian American communities implicated within this area of racial tension and conflict, and what actions, if any, do you think can be taken to address underlying social issues? Are there areas of common concern for all racial groups? How should Asian American communities approach these issues?Generate an original argument.Avoid generalizations, especially poorly supported ones. Considering the amount of misinformation that exists, demonstrate that you can also vet your sources appropriately. You also should be focused on the prompt above: thus, do not expend your efforts on defining “model minority,” Asian American identity, Black Lives Matter, etc. Similar to other assignments, avoid any inflammatory language or rhetoric, as these essays will not only be read by me but also your peers. You are writing a formal academic paper and are expected to maintain an appropriate tone.Your paper must have a clear position and integrate concrete examples from the assigned readings as well as any other outside sources you choose. Include proper citations and works cited page in an MLA format (or risk losing points). The paper must be properly formatted.Note the following other assignments stages: The rough draft must be at least 60% of the 1,500 word limit (~900 words).
Aggie Yellow Horse, Karen Kuo, Eleanor K. Seaton, and Edward D. Vargas, “Asian Americans’ Indifference to Black Lives Matter: The Role of Nativity, Belonging, and Acknowledgment of Anti-Black Racism”Actions
Ryan Lee Wong, “Closed to Protest Police Brutality”
Hansi Lo Wang. “‘Awoken’ By NY Cop Shooting, Asian American Activists Chart Way Forward”
Viet Thanh Nguyen, “Asian Americans Are Still Caught in the Trap of the ‘Model Minority’ Stereotype
Ada Tseng, Jessica Q. Chen, “A Discussion of Asian and Black Solidarity”

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