Research & Summaries Question

research & summaries report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

1. The topic is “The Indian Child Welfare Act”
2. You must identify a minimum of 5 sources, at least 2 must be professional peer-reviewed journal articles with differing viewpoints. These differing viewpoints will enable you to critically examine your policy, it’s impact, benefits and challenges. Find 2 peer-reviewed journal articles, use…
3. The NASW Code of Ethics is a set of standards that guide the professional conduct of social workers. Read through the Code of Ethics Based on the research you have conducted about your assigned policy, do you believe that the policy aligns with the Code of Ethics? Is there anything in the policy that, if implemented by a social worker, would be considered be unethical? Or, does the policy align well with the Code of Ethics? Be prepared to support your answers with examples from both the Code and the policy.
4. Now that you have done your research, you will document your findings in a well-written summary.
Write a paper (minimum of 1000 words) that includes:
A summary and background of the policy/program based on the research you have conducted: history, purpose, major components, etc.
A summary of the peer-reviewed journal articles and the differing perspectives they presented.
An assessment of the alignment of the policy/program with the NASW Code of Ethics
Your thoughts about this policy in a final reflective paragraph based on the research you have done.
Use APA style including a title page and references page. Use APA style for font, margins, spacing, etc.

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