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real estate writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

The following highlight some key issues that are raised in discussion of housing and affordability. These are pressing questions nationally (and internationally). It raises the question if providing affordable and safe housing to all is a private or public sector responsibility, how pays and how it gets accomplished. Consider the following questions:
where the city should prioritize new residential development;
how best to use inclusionary zoning (or another program) to produce affordable housing;
how to balance neighborhood, citywide, and regional interests in land use;
what outreach and studies should be performed before a rezoning;
whether to allow different, often-smaller, types of residential unit than are currently permitted; and how to approach land use on NYCHA’s campuses.
The homework is to read New York times 5-9-21: How a $180 Million Parking Lot Could Change N.Y.C.’s Historic Character and to watch Youtube, Feb 24, 2021 Jane Jacobs series (min 18 onward) The kind of opportunity a post-covid city is with Michael Kimmelman & Roberta Brandes Gratz.
Homework is as follows:
Consider the “Highest and Best Use” for the South Street Seaport site (parking lot)
List the Top Three Issues to consider (in your view) regarding development at this site that are raised in the video and article
Provide two columns listing your arguments if you are Pro or Con in the arguments that the primary development driver should be to provide max affordable housing at the site
List one other NYC (or tri-state) neighborhood that faces that same push/push of Max Development vs need for affordable housing.

Requirements: unlimited

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