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real estate multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Whether it is an appraiser determining the value of a home for a mortgage lender or a potential listing agent putting together a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis,) recent comparable sales are as important as the subject property itself.
Scenario: A licensed real estate agent lives next door to a home that was previously listed for sale and after 6 months of not selling the for sale sign was taken down and the listing was showing as “Expired” in the MLS.
Select a property (doesn’t have to be an actual expired listing) can be a home listed for sale that has been on the market for over 30 days or a fictitious listing made up in your community of choice.
I am the owner of the “Expired For Sale Listing” and you are emailing me to convince me that my previous agent, with whom my contract is expired, over priced the home. You are estimating how much the market data reflects the home should truly be worth and sharing your supporting information to make your case.
You can use any format, formal or informal to make your argument.
Some suggestions:
q Create a CMA
q Write out an email explaining your argument
q Make a PowerPoint presentation.
There is no minimum length or data requirement, just the effort to make an attempt to show me that my home was listing way to high above the estimated market value, and why I should hire you to sell my home.
Requirements: Please follow directions

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