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IT210 – Software Engineering – Assignment #4: Use Cases
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The maximum possible score for the assignment is 50 points. Please note that this is an individual assignment and the diagrams and words included in your answers are to be yours alone. Please state any additional assumptions you make (to resolve ambiguities in the diagrams or questions).
This homework consists of three problems. In tackling these problems, you should refer to (and be consistent with) the following diagram which depicts a purchasing process. This type of diagram is called an activity diagram and it shows the actions that the human actors take in the purchasing process. The ovals represent actions taken by actors. The arrows show the sequence in which these actions are carried out. The columns (called “swim lanes”) show which actor carried out each action. Note that information systems may be used by the actors but are not themselves shown in this diagram.
(10 points). A systems analyst has developed the following description for a new purchasing system being developed. Please turn this paragraph into a set of user level use cases by adding blank lines between the use cases and adding a title for each use case. Be sure that each use case is at the elementary business process (EBP) level. You do not need to change the order of any sentences or otherwise modify the text except for the names of actors (which you are free to change where they are ambiguous… e.g. “user” or “someone”).
A purchaser needs to purchase one or more items from a vendor. The purchaser enters purchase data into system, including list of items to be purchased, prices, department code, University item classification codes, and vendor information. The system saves the purchase order and assigns it a unique purchase order number (PO #). The department approver reviews the new purchase order and, if it is an approved purchase and in the budget, marks the purchase order as approved and sends the order to the vendor. When goods arrive from vendor, the purchaser verifies that correct goods and quantities were delivered and updates the electronic purchase order to indicate goods were received. When an invoice is received by the Accounts Payable Office, someone enters the purchase order number included on the invoice. The system displays the corresponding purchase order. The user verifies that the purchase order and invoice match and enters additional data from the invoice into the purchase order including the invoice number and the date payment is due. The A/P manager calls up a list of invoices awaiting payment. For each invoice, the manager verifies that funds are available in the designated account and that the payment is consistent with University policies. The manager authorizes the payment for the new invoices, defining a schedule, based on terms and cash flow considerations. Once each day checks are printed and mailed for all invoices scheduled for payment on that date.
(10 point) Create a Use Case diagram for the use cases you identified in problem 1. You should include the primary actor for each use case. For simplicity please do not include any supporting actors (e.g. the vendor or external systems of some kind).
(30 points) Write a fully dressed use case for each use case you identified in Problem 1. Please use the following template. Be sure to add text in all places indicated.

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