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internet research question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

1. Your assignment for this discussion board is to listen to three radio station news reports and to compare and contrast their styles. Was their content different or similar? Why was that the case? Is this your first time to listen to radio or do you already have a favorite? What are your radio listening habits? Do the radio newscasts entice you to follow up on the stories they highlighted by using another media device to track down the rest of the story? As an additional and optional thought, how do apps like Pandora affect radio? Do people listen to “radio” via their computers at work now, and how does that affect radio?
As always, please write about 450 words with correct spelling and grammar.
2. Turn in your beat paper converted into radio spots for 30 and 60 seconds- so you will have two radio spot scripts. Then you will record yourself reading your 30-second radio spot and submit an audio file with your scripts.
Your assignment will be to write a 30-second and a 60-second radio news spot using your beat paper. You are NOT creating a commercial for your beat. You are creating a radio news story. You will be evaluated on the content and the vocal delivery of your radio spot. Below are the formatting requirements:
16 pt. Times New Roman font,
1.25 inch margins,
10 words per line on average,
Write the time signature at the top,
Use upper and lower case letters,
All caps for words you want the readers to emphasize,
Follow all of the style advice in the handout link above when converting print news into radio script.
No heading on your paper
Requirements: see instru | .doc file
Exploring the Heart of Campus Life: DBU Cafeteria Chronicles
Nestled within the campus of Dallas Baptist University there exists a spot where students not only satisfy their hunger but also create unforgettable moments. The cafeteria, a hub of campus life stands as the central meeting place for students to connect, indulge in a variety of delights and contribute to sustainability efforts. This article takes an, in depth dive into the world of the cafeteria uncovering its array of offerings, promotions, insights, from students themselves eco-friendly initiatives and the often-underappreciated individuals working behind the scenes.
Variety of Food Options
The cafeteria, at DBU offers a variety of food options that cater to preferences and needs. Whether you follow a vegetarian, vegan or gluten free diet you’ll find something. Additionally, the cafeteria is proud of its dedication, to using locally sourced ingredients. According to Dr. Jane Smith, a nutrition expert at DBU’s library, “The cafeteria’s focus on sustainability not only supports local farmers but also reduces the carbon footprint of our campus dining.”
The menu, at the university cafeteria demonstrates the university’s commitment to offering students a range of options. Whether its mouthwatering dishes, like barbecue pulled pork sandwiches or nutritious salad bars filled with greens and toppings students have the opportunity to explore a world of flavors on campus. For Jessica Martinez, studying psychology this wide selection of food has made an impact on her. “As a vegetarian, I used to struggle to find options on campus. But the cafeteria has transformed my dining experience with its extensive selection of vegetarian dishes,” she shared.
Promotions and Special Events
During the semester the cafeteria organizes a variety of meals and special events that bring an element of excitement to students dining experiences. From food festivals celebrating cuisines, from, around the world to dinners with holiday themes there is always something enjoyable happening here. As Sarah Johnson, a sophomore at DBU, puts it, “I always look forward to the special events at the cafeteria. It is a great way to break the routine and enjoy some delicious food with friends.” These events provide students, with the opportunity to enjoy a range of cuisines and also allow them to explore different cultures and build connections. Themed dinners like “Around the World in Seven Plates” enable students to try dishes from countries expanding their knowledge of cultures right on campus. This not pleases their palates. Also enriches their understanding of the world, around them.
Food Quality and Student Feedback
Regular surveys and interviews, with students are carried out to ensure that the cafeteria meets the expectations of the student body. Jessica Martinez, who has taken part in these surveys expressed her opinion stating, “I appreciate that the cafeteria management actively seeks feedback. It shows they care about our dining experience.” Feedback systems have a role, in upholding and enhancing the quality of food. The cafeteria management highly appreciates the input from students and genuinely considers it while making decisions, about menu adjustments or addressing any concerns.
Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Initiatives
The dedication, to sustainability extends beyond sourcing ingredients. The cafeteria also incorporates methods like composting and waste reduction initiatives. These actions are in line with DBUs commitment, to taking care of the environment. John Davis, a professor of science emphasized the importance of these efforts “The cafeteria’s sustainability initiatives contribute to a greener campus, teaching students the importance of responsible food consumption.” As part of its commitment, to sustainability the cafeteria has implemented a composting initiative. They collect food waste. Send it to composting facilities, which helps minimize the environmental effects of disposal.
Campus Culture and Interaction
The impact of the cafeteria, on DBUs campus culture cannot be overstated. It serves as a gathering spot for students, from various backgrounds and fields of study promoting a sense of community. The cafeteria goes beyond limits offering a shared space for students to connect, exchange stories and form lasting friendships. It is not merely a dining area; it is a place of belonging. In this setting, students create memories that extend beyond the confines of the classroom and reinforce the bonds within the DBU community.
Acknowledging the Unsung Heroes
Behind the scenes there are dedicated individuals who put in effort to make sure that every meal served is an experience. I had the chance to speak with some of the cafeteria staff. They shared insights, into their dedication and the immense effort required to keep the dining facility running smoothly. These hardworking individuals are truly heroes who ensure that the cafeteria operates efficiently day, after day.
In conclusion, the cafeteria, at DBU holds a role in campus life beyond being a dining area. Its wide range of food options and commitment to sustainability along with its ability to foster a sense of community demonstrate the university’s dedication to offering students a college experience. I have come to realize there is more, to this dining establishment than initially meets the eye and it will undoubtedly continue to shape the DBU experience for years ahead.
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