question 5From a defendant’s point of view, are jury trials always…

question 5From a defendant’s point of view, are jury trials always preferable to bench trials? Why? When might a defendant prefer a judge in deciding his or her guilt or innocence?
Question 14
Here is the scenario. The married, twenty-six-year-old white male defendant is charged with sexually assaulting a single, twenty-one-year-old white female co-worker in his car when giving her a ride home from an office party at which both of them drank several beers. The attorneys from each side are opposing each other in a rape case in a state that uses six-member juries. Listed below are the profiles of the jurors remaining in the juror pool who have not been challenged for cause. According to the profile of each person, choose first your side (either the prosecution or the defense) and then three jurors you would like to exclude through the use of peremptory challenges and based on your position. Explain why particular jurors have been singled out for exclusion (although theoretically no explanations are needed).
Juror #1: White female, age 65, college graduate, retired elementary school teacher, registered Republican, married, three grown sons in their 30s, active in Methodist church.
Juror #2: African-American male, age 22, part-time college student majoring in Communication, full-time employee at office supply store, unmarried, registered Democrat, active in Baptist church.
Juror #3: Asian female, age 25, married, no children, college graduate, manager of fast food restaurant, registered Independent.
Juror #4: White male, age 46, married, one daughter and one son in their mid-20s, high school graduate, autoworker at large Ford plant, Vietnam War veteran, registered Democrat.
Juror #5: White female, age 31, college graduate, independent insurance agent, married, one young son, registered Republican, member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).
Juror #6: African-American female, age 38, college graduate, social worker, married, two teenage daughters, registered Democrat, active in the National Organization for Women (NOW).
Juror #7: Mexican-American female, age 45, high school graduate, legal secretary, married, two daughters and one son in their early 20s, registered Independent, active in Catholic Church.
Juror #8: White male, age 20, unmarried, unemployed high school graduate who has worked a series of low-paying jobs, lives at home with parents, registered Independent.
Juror #9: Mexican-American male, age 36, manager of bank branch, college graduate, married, one small son, registered Republican.
Juror #10: White male, age 70, high school graduate, retired postal worker, World War II veteran, registered Republican.
Juror #11: White female, age 31, attended but did not complete college, married, not currently employed outside of the home, married, three daughters in elementary school, registered Democrat.
Juror #12: White male, age 42, high school graduate, auto mechanic, married, two sons in junior high school, registered Republican, volunteer assistant football coach at high school.

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