QI Project Part 1 – Studying the impact of nursing staffing levels on patient outcomes

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Purpose: Quality Improvement is a key activity in healthcare organizations to improve outcomes of patient care. A common method agencies use is the Model for Improvement that involves rapid cycles of testing small changes over time, called Plan-Do-Study-Act. Nursing students should be familiar with the MFI concepts to participate in quality improvement activities as nurses. For the last half of the term, students will work in groups to develop a quality improvement project for a nursing unit.
Directions: For the QI Project, Part 1, groups will determine a problem or issue that could take place on a hospital unit ie. increased falls, increased pressure injuries, low patient satisfaction, low nurse satisfaction, low exclusive breastfeeding rates on a mother baby unit etc.
Work on this project will begin in class, see below:
Search the literature for 2 articles which support your problem/issue
Decide who in the group will be responsible for what for part 1
During the week your group will meet, decide on your 2 articles which support your problem/issue and utilizes a solution in the form of an intervention to improve your problem/issue. *Your intervention to solve your problem/issue needs to come directly from the literature.
For part 1 you will submit your title page, the introduction section of your paper and upload your two articles.
Title page in 7th ed. APA (2 pts.)
Introduces topic and provides overview of the issue (10 pts.)
Discusses why this issue is pertinent to the particular unit/organization and what led student to choose the topic (10 pts.)
Identifies how the project will specifically benefit the unit/organization (10 pts.)
APA and paper mechanics (10 pts)
Two articles uploaded
PROJECT NOTES: Remember your paper, including your title page must be in APA 7th ed. which includes Times New Roman font, double spacing, citations and a reference page. Also, do not write your paper in first person voice and use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Please see the rubric so you do not lose points for missed information.
Groups will upload their documents to the appropriate dropbox with the following file names:
GroupName Title Page
GroupName Introduction Section
Upload 2 articles with the last name of the first author for each
Requirements: accordingly
11/2/23, 12:42 PMQI Project, Part 1: Title Page, Introduction Section and Article Selection – NUR3055-02:Evidence-Based Practice for Nursing Care (2023 Fall T…https://oakpoint.brightspace.com/d2l/lms/dropbox/user/folder_submit_files.d2l?ou=21464&db=51977&grpid=216231/3QI Project, Part 1 Title Page, Introduction Section, and Article SelectionCourse: NUR3055-02:Evidence-Based Practice for Nursing Care (2023 Fall Term Full)-16382Total/ 42Overall ScoreCriteriaExemplaryProficientDevelopingBeginningCriterion ScoreTitle Page (mustfollow APA 7th ed./ 2Introductionincludes: Introducestopic and providesoverview of theissue/problem/ 10Introductionincludes: Discussionof why thisissue/problem ispertinent to the unit/ 10Introductionincludes: How theproject will benefitthe unit/ 10APA 7th ed: Includestext in Times NewRoman font, doublespaced, and in-textcitations./ 5Paper Mechanics:Uses correctgrammar,punctuation,spelling, and doesnot use first personvoice/ 52 pointsall answers provided0 points0 points0 points0 answers provided10 pointsBoth elements areincluded0 points1 elements isincluded0 points0 elements areincluded0 points0 elements areincluded10 pointsyes answer provided0 points0 answers provided0 points0 answer provided0 pointsNo answer provided10 pointsYes0 points0 points0 pointsNo5 pointsall 3 elementsprovided4 points2 elements provided3 points1 elements provided0 points0 or fewer elementsprovided5 points4 elements provided4 points3 elements provided3 points2 elements provided0 points1 elements providedLevel 430 points minimumLevel 327 points minimumLevel 224 points minimumLevel 10 points minimum
11/2/23, 12:42 PMQI Project, Part 1: Title Page, Introduction Section and Article Selection – NUR3055-02:Evidence-Based Practice for Nursing Care (2023 Fall T…https://oakpoint.brightspace.com/d2l/lms/dropbox/user/folder_submit_files.d2l?ou=21464&db=51977&grpid=216232/3
11/2/23, 12:42 PMQI Project, Part 1: Title Page, Introduction Section and Article Selection – NUR3055-02:Evidence-Based Practice for Nursing Care (2023 Fall T…https://oakpoint.brightspace.com/d2l/lms/dropbox/user/folder_submit_files.d2l?ou=21464&db=51977&grpid=216233/3

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