Psychology Question

psychology writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Step 1: Find 2-3 articles from Science Daily News Science Daily within the past 8 years (2015-Present) that reports on the results of one of the psychological topics listed below.
Topics: ‘dopamine and happiness’; ‘brain and meditation’; ‘traumatic brain injury and treatment’; ‘sleep and disease’; ‘cannabis and pregnancy’; ’emerging adulthood’ ‘executive function’; ‘coping strategies’
Name of the Textbook: Experience Psychology (Fifth Edition)
Step 2: Write a paper (minimum 500 words) that:
summarizes the articles in your own words; when paraphrasing information from the article, cite appropriately in APA
summarizes the topic as presented in the textbook (from chapters 2, 4, 8, or 14) in your own words; cite appropriately in APA
compares and contrasts the key points and purpose of the articles with the information presented in the textbook; examine if the articles accurately describes the research
includes correct APA citations (both in-text and in a reference page) for both the article and the textbook
Requirements: 500 -550 words

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