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powerpoint multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

The aim of the presentation is to showcase your comprehension of the essential role that learning and cognition play in various processes and functions such as perception, pattern recognition, attention, consciousness, memory, concept formation, thinking, language, intelligence, emotions, and developmental processes. This project offers an opportunity for you to explore the concepts of cognition and learning that interest you the most, with the course content serving as a guide.
Using your understanding of course concepts, select a topic related to cognitive psychology, choosing from options like learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, or language acquisition. Create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 20 slides (excluding title and reference slides), illustrating clear connections to cognitive psychology concepts introduced in the course. Your presentation should include the following components:
1. Clearly identify, describe, define, and discuss the chosen topic in relation to a cognitive psychology concept.
2. Conduct a critical analysis of the topic, establishing its relevance both independently and in connection to cognitive psychology early in the presentation.
3. Discuss the topic’s relation to cognitive psychology, covering the major functions and processes involved, which may include various brain structures, cognitive functions, and processes.
4. Determine whether the topic represents normal or abnormal cognitive functions/processes and explore how these functions/processes can be enhanced or impeded.
5. Provide precise definitions and explanations for the cognitive psychology concepts integrated into the presentation, establishing clear links to the selected topic.
6. Conclude the presentation with the key takeaway points.
Ensure that any visual elements, such as photographs, artwork, or graphics, include appropriate attributions to their sources.

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