Please attach the images that you used. Paragraph 1: your…

Please attach the images that you used.
Paragraph 1: your thoughts on one particular artwork (Soundsuit, Rodin Crater, or Reality Projector) and how that work uses the elements of art we have learned in this and previous units. Note that you will not use every vocabulary word in each section, only ones that best describe the work you are discussing. Be specific and clear. Don’t just say “this artwork uses primary colors”, tell me WHAT primary colors, tell me WHERE you see them specifically, etc.. The most detailed and accurate you are, the better your score. Be sure your vocabulary words are in bold.
Paragraph 2: Compare and contrast your chosen artwork with another artwork. Again, using bolded vocabulary from this and previous units to clearly articulate similarities and differences.
Paragraph 3: about how you came to choose your chosen artwork. Why did it interest you? If you have a question about any or all of the works, you can post those at the end of this paragraph so your classmates may answer if they wish.

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