Philosophy Question

philosophy writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

You must be familiar with the book, The Golden Compass,in order to help me with this question.
I need help in developing an essay based on the following discussion post and my response to the post. The questions that need to be answered in the paper are stated below the Discussion Post questions and My Response.
Discussion Post questions:
1. Should we judge Lyra? In other words, is she accountable for her choices and what results from them? Is she worthy of praise for good choices and subject to accountability for poor choices? Make sure to use a specific case from The Golden Compass when thinking about this question and explaining why you think what you do.
2. Do you think the author would agree with you?
My response to the above questions:
“I was a bit confused in the beginning of the story because I assumed that Lyra is just a menacing child of a member of the staff at Jordan College but then I found out she is the niece of Lord Asriel. Though she’s a family member of a powerful man, it’s hard for me to hold her accountable for her choices. She is a young girl (a bit of a tomboy) who is surrounded by mainly adults. She doesn’t have any mother figures to guide her down the corrects path. The streets are home to her. She is an inquisitive girl who seems to like adventure, which can get her into trouble. One instance of this is when she snuck into the Retiring Room (a room she was not supposed to be in) and ended up getting stuck in there due to members of Jordan College coming in and out of the room. While Lyra was in this room, she witnessed the Master putting poison in a decanter of wine for Lord Asriel. Unable to escape the room without being seen, she remained until Lord Asriel arrived and busted her hiding. This was actually a blessing in disguise as Lyra was able to tell her uncle that the wine had been poisoned by the Master, which is something she should be praised for, not punished for. Lyra is also an adventurous character, going to places (like on the roof or clay beds) to play with her Roger who is a kitchen boy. She is also highly intrigued by the conversations of the Scholars of the college and stories of the “Gobblers”, who abduct children. I feel it’s hard for Lyra to make smart choices as there seems to be a lack of guidance in her life.
I feel the author would agree with me as Lyra is a head strong little girl who doesn’t seem to take “no” for an answer. Many children at her age level are the same way. They like to play and don’t put much focus on adult thing unless it’s something that catches their attention like how Lyra was fascinated by the stories of “Dust” told by her uncle. With Ms. Coulter coming into Lyra’s life at the end of chapter four, it will be interesting to see if and how Lyra’s personality changes”.
Here are the questions that need to be answered in the paper:
1. Explain the discussion prompt–basically, explain how it is relevant to the coursework and why what is being considered is important.
2. Explain two other views that are different from your own–this acknowledges that there are other view points out there. These do not need to be drastically different.
3. Give your own view–this is your answer and it can be what you posted or you can change your view from your original post. In this section you should fully answer the discussion prompt, using an example from the reading to help you make your point. You should also address why you think differently than the two views you just covered. Consider, why should the reader be convinced by your view instead?

4. Consider how this discussion topic and your view on it translates into our own life. For example, given everything, how does your view of social justice affect your everyday life?T
There is no length requirement but I would like it formatted in MLA. If you use outside material (material besides The Golden Compass), then please make sure to cite it so that you do not fall into plagiarism issues.
Requirements: No set length

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