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Discuss: The Sunflower, pp. 1-98
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Follow the same minimum requirements for the previous DBs.
1. Summarize and Explain Simon W’s answers to the main ethical questions and tensions that arise out of of this section/case study. Is Simon W. (a Jewish man) obligated to forgive this dying Nazi? If he did forgive him, would this wrong other Jews who were directly affected by this Nazi soldier–i.e. is it wrong to forgive on behalf of others? When are we morally required to forgive, and what role does forgiveness play in other moral goods such as reconciliation, justice, etc.?
2. Then take a paragraph to react to the case study: What do you think about his thoughts about the ethics of forgiveness–Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? Use good examples/counterexamples.
Book: The Sunflower: The Possibilities of Forgiveness by Simon Wiesenthal ISBN: 978-0805210606
please give quote and pages
for example, “an eye for an eye” (page 37)

Requirements: between 500-1000 words

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