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nursing writing question and need support to help me learn.

Hello, I need 2 separate essays containing atleast 500 words and 2 references EACH from academic sources. The essays don’t have to be written at high degree level, or made overly complicated. The professor focuses on APA style, the references must have a DOI for Essay #1….. Essay #2 is not enforced DOI but if it has it even better. In text citation can’t be quoted it must be paraphrased.
No outline needed just the essay
Essay #1
Describe and discuss the nurse’s role in health promotion and disease prevention in older adults. Share an example from your personal experience as a RN.
Name and elaborate on at least three screening/preventive procedure that must be done in older adults.
Define and discuss three common End-of-life documents that you as nurse must be familiar with to be able to educate older adults.
Essay #2
To acquire a better understanding of the what the Catholic Church’s teachings are on specific theological topics. You will describe and discuss the teachings listed below in a concise manner:
Catholic Understanding of God as Trinity
Salvation is Achieved through the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ
Eschatology – Death and the Afterlife
Each section of the topics must include a section title on a separate line (ex: Freedom, Virtues, Sin, etc.).
Requirements: 500

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