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Interview and Interrogation Term Project – Interview 2
This is paper 2 of the term project.
The object of the interview is to obtain information that will be used in your term project.
DO NOT bullet or enumerate or use any type of Q&A format for the answers to the questions you ask.
DO transform the questions you ask and their answers into paragraphs of narrative in your paper that are detailed and written at the university level.
Paper 2 – The Work Life Interview
The object of the interview is to get the answers to these questions which you will translate into part of a term paper at the end of the semester.
Detail Questions – Each question should have at least one full paragraph of text NOT one word answers. Remember, you have to use this information to write a final paper.
The person being interviewed is called Clifford
Are you employed – by what corporation or business and which store or site are you working at? (If not employed explore why not)
What do you like the most about this particular job?
What do you like the least about this particular job?
Would you recommend this employer to your friends? Why?
What is your current position/title?
What are your duties at your place of employment?
How long have you been at your current job?
Do you like your job? Why?
Have you done anything that would be considered inappropriate at your job (looking at porn; sex at work; drinking at work)
Have you ever received any discipline while at work? What for?
Is there anyone you work with that you do not like (explore)?
Use These Subheadings
Purpose of Interview (what are you trying to learn from the interview)
Location of Interview (Describe in explicit detail the location from wall color to windows to how you are seated. Use references to back up the importance. You should be finding a less crowded space)
Body Language (focus on the face. See if you observe any micro expressions. Use references)
Paralinguistics (This is a pitch change or how a word changes the meaning of what is said. You should pick up on this with uncomfortable questions. Use references)
Summary (what you learned/saw/heard in the interview)
Conclusion (what you expect to explore further in the next interview)

Requirements: Couple Sentences Each Question
Requirements: NEED IN 4 HOURS | .doc file

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