Need Advocacy for parents with children with special needs

writing exercise and need a reference to help me learn.

Each page can only be one page in length. Advocacy for children with special needs. ANd have to do a brochue on the process of an IEP plan.
Cumulating LPAEC Project Proposal: Advocacy
Aims and Scope/Purpose of the Project
Please describe the aims and scope of your idea and the selected artifact in the advocacy domain, including the purposes the idea and the selected artifact will fulfill in impacting practice. Use the fist para to discuss the aims and scope and the second para to discuss the artifact. Include research evidence/support to back up your idea. Limit to one page, 12 Times New Roman fonts, 1-inch margin, double spaced.

Please describe and justify the rationale for the selected idea and the artifact. If the artifact is based on an already established assignment/project in the LPAEC program, please explain how the expansion will take place. Include research evidence/support to back up the rationale. One page, 12 Times New Roman fonts, 1-inch margin, double spaced

Relevance to the LPAEC Program and Professional Philosophy/Background
How does the selected topic relate to your professional philosophy and background? Which courses (at least 2 courses) within LPAEC program have inspired you to develop the idea and the artifact to impact practice? Why? How? Use the first para to describe and connect the selected idea and the artifact to your professional philosophy/background and the second para to your experiences in the courses you have had in LPAEC program. Please note that the two courses should be among LPAEC program courses, not the electives from other programs. One page, 12 Times New Roman fonts, 1-inch margin, double spaced.

Implementation Agenda
You can NOT implement the project before starting the EDN 567, aka in upcoming semester. Please describe your agenda implement the three projects in EDN 567 using the sub-sections below. Be specific to answer the required information. Two pages, 12 Times New Roman fonts, 1-inch margin, double spaced. You must Include the created product/artifact, data collection measures and any other supplemental materials that will be used as an appendix.
In what setting the project will be implemented? Please justify the proposed setting. Provide specific details in terms of the type of setting, services provided, the reason for choosing this setting and how you will reach out and establish connection.
Who will be the participants for the project? Please justify the reasons for proposed participants. Be specific about who they are, their professional role/title, number of participants, how you will identify, reach out, and recruit them and collect informed consent for participation.
Implementation Timeline
What would be the timeline to implement the projects? Why? Please justify the proposed timeline. Talk about specific timeline, that you are considering for project implementation. Please note that the timeline should start when you are enrolled in EDN 567.
Implementation Steps including Data Collection
What steps will you take to implement the project using the artifact? How will you collect data to measure the outcomes of the implementation? Will you need to collect pre-post implementation data? What kind of data collection measure will you use (qualitative? quantitative? Mixed methods)? Create a numbered or bullet point implementation steps. Please justify the proposed steps. Include the data collection measure. If you will use pre-post data collection, include both data collection measures.
Projected Outcomes
What outcomes do you anticipate the project result in? Please include at least 3-5 anticipated outcomes.

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