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Assignment – Building Skills
Part 1:
Listen to the song “Run to You” on the textbook(attachment Part 1).
Answer the following questions:
o What is the time signature of this song?
o Based on the performance, how would you label the tempo of this song?
o The tie over the bar line measure 16 and 17 indicates that pitch is held for how many beats?
o There is a time signature change in this song. Give the measure number where the time signature change occurs. How long does the time signature change last?
o Using the vocal line only, how many ties are used in this song?
o Would it be possible to beam all of the pitches together in measure 12?
o How many beats does the dotted note receive in measure 13? In measure 14? In measure 16?
o How many beats of rests are used in measure 4?
o What kind of rest is used at the conclusion of the song?
Part 2:
Review the Building Skills 1-1 activity page on of the textbook(attachment Part 2).
answers to the blanks for sections A, B, and D.
You should create a list as follows.
Section A.
Part 1.
o 1.
o 2.
Part 2
o 1.
o 2.
Section B.
Part 1.
o 1.
o 2.
Section D.
Part 1.
o 1.
o 2.
Requirements: As required

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