mock bail hearing in Canada where the crown is consenting to bail….

mock bail hearing in Canada where the crown is consenting to bail.
Condition for bail:
Client released on her own recognizance. No monetary bail paid into the court.
The accused will pay a fine of $1,300.00 (One Thousand Three Hundred dollars and zero cents), payable to the court if any of these parameters are broken.
The accused reside within the Province of Ontario for the duration of the proceedings. (Current Ontario Address and contact information on record).
Based on the outstanding charge of:
“mischief, and counselling to commit mischief
counselling to disobey a court order, and.
counselling to obstruct police.”
a request for an 11:00pm curfew. Only consideration to attend place of employment and for any medical emergency.
Avoiding contact with co-accused and witnesses.
Accused not to attend place of offence “Collegetown”
The accused was charged with:
1) Mischief – s. 430(1) CCC
2) Intimidation – s. 423(1) CCC
3) Obstructing a highway – s.423(1) CCC
4) Obstructing a police officer – s.129 CCC

The court will proceed with a Summary conviction and the 4 charges reduced to a single charge of Mischief.

The office of the crown is awaiting disclosure.
How can I introduce case law as a crown to strengthen my position?

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