Mobile Application Development Project

app development project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Mobile Application (using Anderoid Studio )
The App must contain at least 4 runnable and navigable activities.
The App must have appealing/attractive interfaces/layouts.
The App must have a connection to the database.
The App must contain at least 5 toast messages, buttons, Table Layout, Constraint Layout, ScrollView, CardView, Arraylist, Dialog window, RecyclerView, and RecyclerAdapter.
Our idea:
*App Name:* EasyEats
*Main Features:*
1. *Recipe Database:* EasyEats would have a diverse collection of recipes that range from breakfast to dinner, snacks, and desserts. Users can search for recipes based on cuisine, dietary preferences, or specific ingredients.
2. *Step-by-Step Instructions:* Each recipe would come with clear, step-by-step instructions and images to guide users through the cooking process.
3. *Ingredients List:* Users can view a list of ingredients needed for each recipe.
4. *Nutritional Information:* EasyEats can display basic nutritional information for each recipe, including calorie count and macronutrient breakdown.
5. *User Reviews and Ratings:* Users can Like and see the number of views for the recipe
6. *Favorites and Collections:* Users can save their favorite recipes and create collections for different occasions or meal plans.
7. *User Profiles:* Users can create profiles to customize their experience, save preferences.
“EasyEats” can be a handy tool for anyone looking for quick and delicious meal ideas, especially those with busy schedules who want to prepare homemade meals.
Requirements: An easy and clear answer that contains all the requirements
In this project, you need to build a mobile application using Android Studio based on an idea you will choose. You can work on it individually or as a group of a maximum of 3 members.
Marking Criteria
Important notes:
The project must be submitted to BB (as an assignment) by ONE of the group members. Your instructor will create the submission link.
Your project must be original work. The project will be checked using a plagiarism tool. Any matching with an online project or another/previous student project will be given ZERO.
The maximum number of students in the group is 3. Only the group leader will upload the final report on the blackboard.
Each group needs to make a presentation of their project based on the following guidelines:
The maximum time for a presentation is 5 minutes.
All the group members need to be present. The date/time of presentation will be during the week of Module 14.
No need to make PowerPoint slides. You must run/demonstrate your application screen and present its functionality and interfaces.
Files to submit/upload:
The group must use this file (IT487_Project.docx) to prepare his/her answer.
Prepare a PDF version of this file (IT487_Project.pdf).
[Name of the Android Mobile App]
Project Description:
[Provide a detailed description of the project]
Application Interface:
[Snapshot of the different app screens, along with a description below each screen]
Implementation Code
[Provide all of the codes of the App, including manifest file, activities java codes, layout xml codes…etc]
Project link in Cloud
[Upload your project in any cloud service and provide an access link here.]

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