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history project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

History Project Proposal
Directions: Choose one of the options for the History Project (Option A or Option B). For this part of the project, you are simply informing me which option you are choosing. Then use the Rich Text Editor to enter your choice.
If you are doing Option A: Oral History Project, then let me know who you are interviewing. For example, I am doing Option A and I am interviewing my Nana.
If you are doing Option B: Research Paper, then let me know the topic. For example, I am doing Option B and I am going to research <____>. Please make sure that the research topic is from the time period of our course, which is Early Chicano Perspectives, and since the term Chicano came during the modern period the the US Civil Rights Movement, there can be a comparison of US and Mexico, or the lives of Indigenous Nations in North America, or the lives of Californios (Mexicans living in CA during the Mexican era), or a comparison of minority groups in either country.
Option A: Oral History Paper
Please watch the following video to learn more about why oral histories are important.
*You do not need to watch other videos from this podcast unless you would like to.
If you choose to do this option, the first part of this project is to interview an older relative (or older acquaintance). You will use this information to write a paper that tells part of the story of their life. You will be doing the work of a historian, learning as much as you can about the individual you interview: their childhood, family, daily life, dreams, struggles, and contributions. A list of questions has already been provided for you to use. If the interviewee speaks a language that is not English, that is perfectly okay. Preserve their original words, please provide a brief translation, and keep them for the creative paper submission.
Option B: Research Paper
Find either a current event issue/topic or a theme or an object related to class content and submit the proposal. Keep in mind it can be something that has not been discussed, which is ok, just make sure the time period fits with our class (prehistory – 1850). Wait for instructor approval before continuing with the project.
See below for some ideas for current events. Remember that it must be relevant to the class and be related to the course from prehistory – 1850s (we end at the Mexican American War).
Climate Change
Discriminatory legislation
Experience of workers (farm workers, factory workers, or domestic workers)
Gender roles
Family life
Labor / Forced Labor
Same-sex relationships
Sexual assault
Now, other topics that have been researched were games, technology, diseases, sports, entertainment, prostitution, clothing, food.
There are several ways to go about this Research Paper. If you go the current event route and choose gender roles, make sure that the research focuses in that region. For instance, Roles of women in Classical Maya society & present day Mexico or Guatemala. If you go on the theme route, the affects of Climate Change on Classical Maya Society. If you go the object route, the importance of Pakal’s tomb in Maya History.
Also, like our Film Analysis, this project can look at a motion picture and analyze it by comparing the film to the historical past and how the present influenced the historical narrative. We have access to free videos via the Library. If you are lucky to have access to Disney +, Netflix, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime, then please let me know which movie you will be analyzing.
No ancient aliens. Unless it’s debunking their pseudo-science.
Requirements: Follow the instructions | .doc file

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