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mathematics multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Chose one scenario from the word doc and anser the question from the PDF file.
Requirements: 1-2 pages
Meet CINDY: You are 25 and just graduated college this past May. You have your first job at the MGM as a manager taking home $27,000 per year (after deductions). You have a great benefits package which includes health care (just a $20 deductible per doctor visit) and a retirement plan that matches your savings (a total of $1800 per month). Your boyfriend has asked you to live with him, and you aren’t sure about it. His house is near Craig/Rancho and you would split the rent/utility costs which would be (for you) about $850 per month. You have no savings, and a college loan that is $250 per month for the next 3 years. Your credit score is 650.
Meet BRAD: You are a 35 year man, married for 10 years with two kids ages 3 and 8. You hate the 8 year olds school where you are zoned, and if you can’t get her into the school you want (pick one and justify) then you will have to consider private school (at $16,000 per year per child). Your younger child will start school in 2 years. Your wife works part time, and together you take home about $89,000 per year and have $25,000 in savings and about $65,000 equity in your home (after selling and paying a realtor). Your employer does have health insurance, but it comes with a high copay of $50 per doctors visit and an out of pocket yearly maximum (most you will pay per year for anything) of $7,500. You have two cars that you are still paying off for $520 total per year for the next 2 years. Your credit score is 720. Luckily, between you and your wife’s schedule you don’t need to pay for childcare.
Meet LESLIE: You are an unhappily married woman of 39. You and your husband both work; you take home $35,000 per year and he takes home $200,000 per year. You have no kids (part of your beef with him) and are thinking of leaving so you could live on your own and adopt a kid. Your job doesn’t have any benefits. So if you do divorce you would likely have to pick up cobra insurance. You are pretty sure you won’t get anything extra in the divorce, but would be able to keep the savings account that is in your name – since your husband makes so much, you’ve been able to make healthy contributions to it, and it currently has about $65,000. You work near eastern and the 215. Your credit score is 820.
Meet JACK: You are a 36 year old bachelor who has a great condo near Green Valley and Paseo Verde. You bought when the market was low for $28,000 and now it is worth $178,000. But you are ready to propose to your long time steady girlfriend and think it would be best to settle down in a single family house in the same area. Together, you would take home about $64,000 per year. You have health insurance through work, and could add your spouse at no charge. You have no savings, other than the equity in your condo. You own your car. Your credit score is 790.
Meet ROBERT: You are a 35 year old nightclub bartender at the MGM who currently takes home about $150,000 per year. You’re starting to worry, though, because you notice you’re the oldest guy around. You currently rent, and have saved only a little given how much you make – about $23,000. You have an expensive car that you only owe another $2,300 on, and are sure it could sell to a dealership for at least $65,000. You have no girlfriend, but your younger sister of 17 did move in with you when your parents passed away. You have to decide whether she has to move out after graduation, or if you will keep her on and maybe even pay for her college. Your credit score is 760. Your job has only limited benefits – emergency medical that has no premium but you pay a $500 copay plus 20% of any hospital bill.
Meet SYMPHONY. You are an aspiring artist and are currently living in a bad part of town. You work part time in the post office on sunset near the airport, taking home about $38,000 per year. You own your car and spend most of your money on your art, big welding projects. Because you rent a small apartment you have to keep a storage place for your art projects, which costs $200 per month. A house with a 2 car garage or similar space would be plenty of room so you could stop renting that space. You have pretty good benefits at the post office. You have a boyfriend, but no talk of marriage or kids.
Meet ALEX. You are a 37 year old who is considering going back to school for a degree. You own your condo, which is now worth about $125k. You work at the Whole Foods at Paseo Verde and Green Valley. Right now you take home about $24,000 per year, but if you had a Bachelor’s degree they would make you a manager and increase your salary to $36,000 per year. Your benefits would stay the same; modest but they keep you covered for health and retirement. Right now you walk to work, so you have no car payment. You’re thinking if you sold your house and got a mortgage on another you could keep the proceeds of the sale to pay for college. Your credit score is 740.
Meet DIANE. You are a 52 year old who is paying for two kids in college. Your husband is retired, and together you take home about $74,000 per year. You are in the house the kids grew up in, and have about $180,000 worth of equity and a payment of $1975 per month. But money feels short and the house feels big without the kids, so you are considering downsizing to help pay for the college bills. You work at Sunrise Hospital and have great health benefits and a modest retirement for yourself. Your credit score is 780. Your cash on hand and savings is only about $35,000 and you don’t want to touch that because of the kids college expenses (which total about $18,000 per year).

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