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management question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

all the directions should be in the attached document.
Requirements: 2-3 pages | .doc file
Your boss has just approached you and asked you to write a briefing memo to help him/her decide how your firm might respond to increasing expectations from community and employees to be more sustainable–and increasing questions from investors, insurers, and bond underwriters .  Your job is to make a recommendation based on what you see in your research about how your firm should respond.
Your memo should address the following:
What:  What are the emerging trends and practices to which you might be required to respond.  
So what:  Is this important for us to address/prepare for right now?  If so, why? Where might we be caught flat-footed if we don’t adopt your recommendation? Is there a place where we might secure an opportunity or advantage if we adopt your recommendation?
Now what:  What should we do?  What are the arguments for undertaking this effort?  What are the arguments against?  What are the consequences of each path?  What is your recommendation on balance?
What does this mean for us: Do we need to do anything differently?  How might we need to deploy resources differently?  What additional resources might we need?  Do we need to change processes to be able to execute?
This must be submitted ON TIME.  You get no bonus for length. This memo should not be more than a couple of pages long.  Your boss wants the facts and s/he wants them supported by empirical evidence from reputable sources.  Cite your evidence APA style with permalinks or DOIs and pull it from peer reviewed journals or primary sources.  
Once you have submitted your memo, you will read a classmate’s memo (assigned randomly and anonymously) and you will offer peer review as if you are the boss of that person. You will be evaluated based on the quality of your own memo submission and your critical reading of and response to your peer’s memo. How well did your subordinate answer the questions above?  How well supported are the answers?  Would you bet your career on taking action based on this piece of work?
Notes and sources that can be used in argument: (write on the side of pro green)
The boss of the firm we are writing to works for the company PTC, a computer software and services company headquartered in Boston, MA (See notes on next page)
investing in environmental issues is demonstrated to enhance value creation and economic benefits 
business people must recognize the potential risk of environmental damage to industries and capital markets and work to mitigate that risk through accountability and reduction of organizational environmental footprint
There is a strong body of empirical evidence that good ESG practices embedded within a company can increase its profitability and prevent costly problems.
Green innovation approaches can lead to green capabilities that outweigh rivals, especially in terms of lower risk of default, allowing firms to maintain their sustainable competitive gains in today’s dynamic environment

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