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management project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

1. APA format (at lease 5 academic and 2 non-academic sources cited)
2. No AI uses
3. Similarity below 5%
4. Other specific requirements provided in the document
Requirements: 1000-1500
CMPT641 – Digital Transformation Dr. Said Baadel 1 Assignment: Digital Transformation Individual Assignments Due: Week 5. Your team has won the contract to plan, oversee, execute the digital transformation at a textile/clothing and accessories organization that has about 200 employees across two cities. The CEO believes that the first task is to bring awareness of the transformation to the entire company and create a sense of urgency to adapt to the new change. As with all capital intensive I.T. projects, there needs to be research and understanding of how this project will impact the department, organization, customers, and every other stakeholder. There needs to be a vision and a plan, and how the transformation will be managed including any potential roadblocks and how to mitigate them. Part 1 (10%): The research for this paper will help you to understand the importance of change management in the digital transformation process. Using the links found in Week 3: Agile Project Management, Change Management in Digital Transformation, read the articles and watch the various videos. Using these as your starting point, your paper will examine the importance of change management and various change management models. The paper will: 1. Examine and summarize why employees are fearful of change. Provide at least three (3) examples of employee fears of change. 2. Examine and explore at least two different change management models. For each model, summarize each model and include a diagram of each model. 3. From your examination of the fears that employees have for change in point 1, explain how either of the two change models selected in point 2 will alleviate those fears. 4. Summarize why change management is needed in digital transformation. Justify your reasons. Part 2 (15%): Before carrying out any transformation, the CEO wants to understand what technology trends exist today and how they are utilized in various organizations (i.e., business sizes – small, medium, large enterprises etc.). The textile company has its main office building in one city and a factory in another where they manufacture clothes and luxury accessories such as handbags. The company uses traditional ways of manufacturing and getting their products to the customer that involve intensive manual and unskilled labor. As a member of the team, you will assess and provide an analysis on current Information and Communication Technology (ICT) trends that businesses might use for each type of organization size (Large, Medium, and Small). Provide a report that summarizes and analyzes possible ICT trends for different companies dealing with different products and services (not necessarily textile). You may use the following matrix as your guide.
CMPT641 – Digital Transformation Dr. Said Baadel 2 Size of Company Select a business of each size and an explanation of the type of business. Include a diagram/picture of the business or organization. ICT Trend 1 for the selected business -Explain the trend -Diagram of the technology ICT Trend 2 for the selected business -Explain the trend -Diagram of the technology For each trend, provide 3 reasons why this business should adapt it. For each trend provide 2 risks to the business if adopting this trend? A Diagram of how the trend would be implemented into the business Large (250+) Medium (50-249) Small (10-49) Part 3 (10%): In the form of a video presentation, create a single cohesive video that could be used to convince the CEO and other stakeholders of the value of these emerging technologies. You also need to highlight which of these technologies would be suitable for the textile company. The video should not exceed 6 mins. Requirements for Part 1 & Part 2: ¥ Use APA 7th Edition format for the paper. Title page, Table of Contents, Reference page. ¥ No Abstract required. ¥ Part 1 paper must be written as a research essay paper, while Part 2 is a simple report. ¥ The paper must flow some logical flow. Use of headers are required. ¥ The paper will be marked on the rubrics shown below. Ensure your paper follows the rubrics. ¥ There is no minimum word count. The key is whether the paper thoroughly answers the questions above. Precise and concise writing is recommended. ¥ Turnitin score of less than 5% is required. Turnitin does not count quoted material, title page, or reference page. Turnitin score only refers to the body of the assignment. Using ChatGPT and other AI to write these reports is considered plagiarism in this course. Read the AI Policy in the announcement section on the acceptable use of AI. ¥ A minimum of 5 proper academic references (books, peer-reviewed journal and conference papers) and 2 non-academic references (minimum total 7). Use of other student’s paper from any other institution as a reference will not be accepted. Links must be provided for all digitally accessed documents. The links and reference information must access the page being referenced otherwise it will not count as a site used. ¥ A well written paper is one where the paper teaches the reader about the topic. Do not assume that the reader understands your topic or will fill in the blanks of information.
CMPT641 – Digital Transformation Dr. Said Baadel 3 Topics Comments Max. Grade Subject Matter (70%) Subject Matter (70%) ¥ Key elements of assignments are covered ¥ Content is comprehensive, accurate, persuasive ¥ Displays an understanding of relevant theory ¥ Major points supported by specific references ¥ Research is adequate/timely and citations are academically valid. 70 Organization (10%) Organization (10%) ¥ The introduction provides a sufficient background on the topic and previews major points ¥ Central theme/purpose is immediately clear ¥ Structure is clear, logical, and easy to follow with proper headings ¥ Subsequent sections develop/support the central theme ¥ The conclusion follow logically from the body of the paper 10 Style/Mechanics (20%) Style/Mechanics (20%) (10+10+10) APA 7th (5%) ¥ Title page is present and properly formatted – separate page ¥ Reference page is present and properly formatted – separate page ¥ Citations/reference page follow APA guidelines ¥ Properly cites ideas from other sources 5 Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling (5%) ¥ Grammar ¥ Spelling ¥ Punctuation 5 Readability/Style (10%) ¥ Sentences are complete, clear, and concise ¥ Sentences are well-constructed with consistently strong, varied structure ¥ Transitions between sentences/paragraphs/sections help maintain the flow of thought ¥ Words used are precise and unambiguous ¥ The tone is appropriate to the audience, content, and assignment 10 Grade on 100 Subtotal 100

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