Lesson 7: Intelligence and Intelligence Agencies

case studies multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

After watching the NSA and surveillance video in Lesson 7, consider the following scenario.
Your private information has been compromised due to a cybersecurity breach of your favorite social media platform. The social media platform notifies you that your private information has been compromised. In your discussion assignment for this lesson, answer the following questions based on this scenario and what you learned in the video.
Were you already aware of “metadata”?
How do you feel about the collection of metadata?
Research to find two or three actions you should do immediately after learning your private information has been compromised online.
Part 2
Select one of the 17 intelligence agencies listed in the JCAT Intelligence Guide. Research what particular intelligence-gathering responsibilities and ways this agency helps protect the U.S. from terrorist attacks. Write your research in Part 2 of your discussion assignment using 150–200 words. You should use at least three (3) different sources of information. You must cite your sources to receive credit.
Requirements: 1 page

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