ethnic studies discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

I choose “great for global economy”. This Pro immigration point of view basically states that allowing immigration to occur will not only benefit the countries economy but the global economy. The only strength i could think about is the fact that their would be more money being spent on food, clothes etc. otherwise i could be blind to it, but i cant see how this would help the world economy. one weakness i can think of is that allowing immigrates into a country to work and make a decent living is taking that money… and sending it OUT of the country, back home to their family’s. well you could say this is helping the world economy.. it sure aint helping my economy. prices go up and up and all money keeps going out.
i choose the “home analogy”. to keep this one shorter, this analogy is asking you if someone knocked on your door and demanded they come in and/or breaks their way in, and u tell them no or kick them out. are your immoral for that? did you do the wrong thing? i like this analogy and find a strength to be that most people can agree if a person knocked on their door and demanded to come in. most people would say no. and close the door. its a relatable analogy, that’s pretty hard to argue. a weakness i think this analogy has is that you don’t see all the other house/doors this person knocked on. This could be their last door, their last ditch effort to get a better life. this analogy doesn’t show the struggle the person knocking on the door is going through.
no, still do not think we are obliged to do anything. we live in America.. land of the free, home of the brave. they may allow themselves into this country in every legal way possible. i am not obligated to allow anyone into my home, but i have every right to kick someone out of my home who has illegal broken in and decided to sleep on the couch.
Requirements: 1 paragraph 100 words

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