Journal 10

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Journal 10
In Module 4, we delved a little deeper into the considerations that infuse and inform our writing; oftentimes, these ideas are not even in our brains as we attempt to write an assignment, but they should be. To help ensure that you spend at least a few more of your minutes thinking about and implementing these concepts, we are going to apply them to a piece of writing.
In order to make this task easier, you may want to refer back to the two preceding Pages, “Thoughts on Writing” and “Readers’ Expectations.”
To begin this assignment, compose your Journal 10 answering the following prompt:
Review the concepts of “Writer, Audience, and Purpose,” as well as the “Readers’ Expectations” in Module 4. You might want to keep those Pages readily available as a point of reference for this Journal.
Read Zakaria’sLinks to an external site. essay and answer the following questions:…
Who is the audience?
Why do they write this essay?
Do they establish a context?
Is the information predictable?
Write your answer in a paragraph (150-250 words).
You may submit/upload this assignment as a .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .txt file.
When you have composed your Journal, name and save your document, then upload the file by selecting “Submit Assignment.”
Please see the grading rubric for this assignment. If accessing this course by using the Canvas Student App, you will not see the icon. Instead, please use the menu to locate the rubric.
The associated rubric will be used to provide feedback–please be sure to review the rubric before starting and before submitting your assignment.
Journal Rubric (16)
Journal Rubric (16)
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDescription of criterion
5 to >4.0 pts
Meets Expectations
Response is 100+ words and addresses prompt.
4 to >2.0 pts
Almost There
The response is fewer than 100 words, but addresses the prompt.
2 to >0 pts
Needs Improvement
The response is fewer than 100 words (including non submission) and/or does not address the prompt.
5 pts
Total Points: 5
Requirements: 150-250 words

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