Intro to gifted education

writing multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

part 1
Complete the table with information found from the State of the States in Gifted Education (LINK) . Please add information for NJ and another state of your choice. Provide the specific data in each cell if available. See example in last cell.
New Jersey
State mandates for identification of gifted students
Specific procedures for identification
Universal screening requirements
Collect data onsubgroups of populations identified as gifted
Gifted teacher certification or licensure
State funding
Local norms used in identification
Primary delivery model
State definition of gifted
Gifted and talented student means a student who possesses or demonstrates a high level of ability in one or more content areas when compared to his chronological peers in the school district and who requires modifications of his educational program if he is to achieve in accordance with his capabilities.
Please answer the following questions.
What three ways does New Jersey excel in gifted education, and how is it supported by evidence from the State of the States in Gifted Education report? Support your answers with citations from your reading.
What three areas does New Jersey need to improve in gifted education, and what evidence from the State of the States in Gifted Education report supports these areas for improvement? Support your answers with citations from your reading.
Part 2

Please provide a synopsis of what you learned from the information in this module. You should integrate the resources you engaged with in this module to help with this reflection.
3 Sentences on the Big Picture
What are the key points of content you reviewed? Summarize the main arguments or points across these materials in a minimum of three sentences..

2 Key Terms
Select two key terms from the material that you think are central to understanding the point of the content. List the term and summarize in your own words.

1 Question
Write 1 question about the materials you reviewed that you would like to discuss further or provide 1 insight that you discovered in this module.

Answer part 1 & 2 separately . Only use the module pdf to answer part 2.

Requirements: 2 pages one separate page for each part .

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