International Trade Question

international trade question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

In this exercise, you will ask the AI to explain the steps of international expansion process. You will review the steps by doing outside research.
In answer to this exercise, you’ll start with a brief output and improve the initial output through various prompts to conclude with your final output. The prompts (suggestions for improvement) should reveal an addition of points/steps(by telling the AI to add a step between two other steps and explaining what that step is), subtraction of points/steps(by instructing the AI to remove a step and why), and correction of issues.
In terms of final output, you’re looking for a final step-by-step guide in which the international expansion process is described accurately and thoroughly.
Initial prompt:
Briefly tell me the steps by which an organization expands to a new country.
What to report:
Provide the first AI output.
Provide the final AI output.
Provide a list of corrections you made (prompts).
Write an explanation of what the AI missed initially, what you learned in your research, and how you improved the list of steps.
Requirements: all what need

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