International Economics Question

international economics question and need guidance to help me learn.

Please write and source with the following main points with charts, graphs about Senegal and the Ivory Coast
1.Motivate the choice of the two countries: focus on their similarities and differences. This will be the basis for your further comparison.
2.Look at the patterns and growth of income in the two countries at least for the past 10 years. (Make sure that you use real GDP per capita that is adjusted for purchasing power parity (PPP) for your comparison).
3.Indicate the levels of income inequality between the countries and change in the growth of GDP per capita over the years.
4.Show how the levels of income between the countries is related with various indicators of standard of living such as maternal and child mortality, life expectancy, education level, physical capital (infrastructure) etc.
5.Give explanations why you see such income differences and patterns. Base your explanation on the factors that are discussed in the class (both the short run and long run causes of growth). These include labor force, human capital, physical capital, technology, geography, culture, institutions, history.
6.When you do the explanation, try to provide evidence as much as possible and don’t forget to put your citation at the end of the paper or as a footnote. The different data source that is uploaded on the blackboard will guide you to various indicators that you can choose from.
7.Provide possible policy suggestions in order for the countries to have sustained growth and become richer.
These links can help:
•WVS Database(
Detailedcountry statistics can be found here
DHS Program – Country Main
Requirements: 3 pages

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