I’m working on a management project and need the explanation and answer to help me

management project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Make sure to avoid plagiarism as much as you possible
Read the instructions carefully
Add the reference you must check the spelling and grammar mistakes before you submit
Assignments should be in word not PDF
Requirements: 2500-3000 | .doc file
College of Administrative and Financial Sciences
Assignment 2
Management of Technology (MGT 325)
Due Date: 11/11/2023 @ 23:59
For Instructor’s Use only
The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.
Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.
Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.
Late submission will NOT be accepted.
Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).
Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.
Learning Outcomes:
Explain of the concepts, models for formulating strategies, defining the organizational strategic directions and crafting a deployment strategy..
Case Study : Tesla, Inc. in 2018
Please read the case study “Tesla, Inc. in 2018” on page 115 of your textbook “Strategic Management of Technological Innovation” and answer the following discussion questions. This assignment is worth 10 marks, with each question assigned specific marks as indicated.
Question 1 (2 marks):
What were Elon Musk’s and Martin Eberhard’s goals in founding Tesla?
Analyze and compare their motivations and vision for the company.
Question 2 (2 marks):
How would you characterize competition in the auto industry in 2018?
Discuss the key factors that defined the competitive landscape for Tesla during that time.
Question 3 (2 marks):
What do you think are Tesla’s core competencies? Identify the strengths that contributed to its success.
Does Tesla have any sources of sustainable competitive advantage?
Explain whether these advantages are likely to endure.
Question 4 (2 marks):
Evaluate Tesla’s strategic moves into:
Mass-market cars,
Batteries (car batteries and Powerwall),
Solar panels.
Discuss the motivations behind these moves and the opportunities and challenges Tesla faced in competing in these businesses.
Question 5 (1 mark):
Do you think Tesla will be profitable in all of these businesses?
Provide a rationale for your assessment, considering the unique aspects of each business.
Question 6 (1 mark):
What do you think Tesla’s, or more specifically, Elon Musk’s strategic intent is?
Describe the overarching vision and objectives that appear to guide Tesla’s direction in 2018.
All students are encouraged to use their own words.
Write a three-part essay (i.e., an essay that includes an introduction paragraph, the essay’s body, and a conclusion paragraph).
Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.
Use proper referencing (APA style) to reference, other styles will not be accepted.
Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles unless the assignment calls for more.
It is strongly encouraged that you submit all assignments into the safe assignment Originality Check prior to submitting it to your instructor for grading and review the grading rubric to understand how you will be graded for this assignment.

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