I need to add to my current resume of work experience CPO Certified Pool Operator

resume writing writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

I need to add to my current resume of work experience that I have
the reason is that I am going to apply for the position of CPO Certified Pool Operator
What happens is that I need to add this previous experience that I have as a CPO because the position I am going to apply for is a pool inspector
I have experience because I did it in the past. and I don’t know how to add it to my current resume
You can search for resumes online and put it as best as you think.
What I do want is to keep the same format that I currently have
Below I am going to give you an example of what I want to add.
Career Objective:
To ensure safety and hygiene for users by taking a position of a certified pool operator and performing regular maintenance and cleaning of the pool.
Key Skills:
Knowledge of the tools and equipment required to maintain a swimming pool
Acquainted with safety standards and precautionary measures
Proficient with pool water chemistry
Possess the required physical fitness and mental endurance to perform physically demanding tasks
Ability to be focused and attentive throughout the work schedule
Brilliant communication skills
Performing testing of water samples to monitor pool water chemistry and making adjustments to maintain the quality standards
Supervising the working of the pool filtration system and maintaining its efficiencies
Updating the organization about the quality standards and safety measures to be followed at pool site, and ensuring strict adherence to these standards
Ensured smooth functioning of the pool cleanliness system and safety measures
Handled chemicals namely, chlorine or delete, required to maintain the safety and cleanliness quality standards of the pool water
Certified Pool Operator
National Swimming Pool Foundation, ///////////////////////////////////
This is what I know how to do because I have experience.///
/I’m going to give you my current resume so you can add it.You can put it however you think is smarter.
Requirements: is to adhere to the current Resume in the most appropriate and intelligent way
(305) 542-3894 |
Florida National University December 2020–August 2022
Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration
Florida National University October 2018–October 2020
AA in Health Services Administration–Magna Cumlaude
Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County September 03, 2021-Present
Health Services Representative –(DIS)
Direct Observe Therapy – Meet with the client at home, clinic, worksite, school, under the bridge, or any other acceptable location to provide Direct Observe Therapy (DOT) to Tuberculosis clients. Recognize and assesse the client for adverse reactions of medication and report any adverse reaction to the Nurse Case Manager (NCM). Provide the bottle or packages of mediation to the client to take as prescribed. Observe the client ingest and swallow the medication. Enter services and tracks DOT/VDOT provided to the client in HMS/Medication tracking module. Identify medical, social services, or personal needs that could interfere with the successful completion of treatment and report findings to the case management team. Report any failure of DOT or incident out of the ordinary to the NCM and document the incident in the client’s HMS/progress notes. Ensure the DOT counseling form is reviewed and signed by the client. Provide appropriate language and/or culturally sensitive DOT services for clients with language and/or cultural barriers. 
Contact Investigation – Assist and/or conducts an epidemiological investigation to identify contacts, assess risk factors, locate, test and refer them as appropriate.  Enters and keeps updated information in HMS/ Contact Investigation module (documentations). Assist in achieving and keeping the contact investigation indicator at the goal level.  
Pharmacy and case management – Assist in the success of the client’s case management plan by reinforcing TB education and encouraging compliance with treatment; Collect specimens (such as sputum, etc.); provide TST; request transportation; deliver incentives and/or enablers. Meet regularly with NCM to provide updates on clients’ adherence. Obtain medication from the Pharmacy room and check to determine the medication matches the medication orders and that they are given to the correct client. Follow security procedures to keep medication safe for DOT performed in the field. Maintains client confidentiality following HIPAA laws and regulations
Locate and Refer – Conduct field investigation to locate and refer clients that are lost to follow and/or non-compliant. Document finding HMS/Progress notes. Lead Health Service Representative – Responsible for assisting the supervisor in a leading and acting capacity for the Health Services Representative in the TB Unit
Travel in relation to job duties. Attend staff meetings, case management team meetings, case reviews, cohort reviews, TB consortium meetings, educational meetings, and conferences as needed. Enter client services (CSR), Complete EAR, read E-mail daily, complete timesheet and reviews. Follow up assignments in HMS/Clinical Portal. Perform other related duties.
Knowledge of methods of compiling, organizing, and analyzing data; Skill in conducting fact-finding interviews; Ability to prepare confidential records and reports; Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others in a stressful environment; Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing

Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County February 03, 2021–September 2022
OPS Senior Clerk
Assist in responding to daily community inquiries in as per agency guidelines
Assist in drafting responses to inquiries and collaborate with other members to assure proper and accurate information is provided
Assist with coordination of volunteers for COVID-19 efforts.
Document customer inquiries on the Footprints ticket system
Follow up with assigned staff to ensure the ticket is acknowledged, resolved, and closed by end of the next business day
Urology Specialist Group January 2014–December 2020
Front Desk Clerk
Responded to 200+ inquiries by patients, prospective patients, and visitors in a courteous manner
Performed day-to-day administrative functions and general office duties including but not limited to word processing, copying, filing, faxing, answering phones, and data entry
Provided information to callers according to the Clinic’s Policies and Procedures. Escalates calls as needed; always works with central reception to ensure adequate phone coverage
Done outbound calls daily to confirm the next day’s appointment. Informed 500+ patients of any existing balance noted in the computer and requested the preparation of any payment due at the time of visit
Envision Rx Options April 2009–January 2014
Pharmacy Help Desk Representative
Handled 50+ phone calls a day regarding insurances issues from members, providers, and pharmacies, while adhering to HIPPA guidelines and verifying PHI
Enroll beneficiaries in Part D program and educate members about Medicare and Medicaid Program benefits related to low-income subsidy
SXC Company in Miramar, Florida January 2006– April 2009
Accounts Receivables Clerk
Performed daily accounting procedures for account receivables department
Received and post all the payments from members such as credit cards, checks, and money orders
Verified member’s payments information and correct account if necessary
Processed refunds, write off, and credit disputes as needed
Issued the collection calls according to daily open balance reports
In charge of releasing orders for high dollar amounts and credit cards declines
Medical Business Services in Miami, Florida January 2002–December 2005
Customer Service Representative
Answered 50+ patient’s call and helped them to verify insurance information
Revised explanation of benefits and determine the insurance covered
Generated electronically claims to insurance company or statements are sent to patients
Followed up the insurance rejection and sent any additional information requested for them
Processed attorney documents, affidavit, bankruptcies etc.

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