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I need to add/reply to this and have page number or paragraph numbers with citations
Having an efficient team is always the goal of an organization. When a team finds ways to work well together and produce high-performance results, the organization moves forward more flawlessly. In order to have a high-performance team there must exist some characteristics. One important characteristic the team must share is trust and respect for each other. Trust must exist not only to be able to work with each other but to trust one another to complete their share of the work but also to be able to have open and candid conversations within the team. Trust and respect will also allow for another characteristic to flow which is communication. In order for the team to continue to be high-performing team members must be able to communicate with each other openly regarding what the issues at hand may be or what is working well within the team and workplace. Adaptability is also important to have in order to be able to change direction in different and unexpected situations (Panel, 2020) .
Extrinsic motivation comes from an outside source in one of two forms. Either this motivation is to earn something in return for the desired performance or it is the motivation to avoid a punishment for bad performance. Intrinsic motivation comes from with in each person. It is when a person performs to the best of their ability for the simple reason that it makes them feel good or a sense of self-reward for the performance done. It is important to know the difference because there should be a balance between the two motivations for a team to continue to be motivated overall. You can not just motivate a team attempting to use intrinsic motivation as a team may feel unappreciated or their work not valued whe they are told to constantly just to do the work as it will be its own reward. On the other hand, you can not just be threatened with punishment in order to get the team to do the desired work as this would cause unhappiness in the workplace. Regarding constantly only for extrinsic motivation is also not a good idea as the team will get used to always being regarded for every task to be done and can lead to the expectation that every task comes with a regard (Cherry, 2022) .
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