I need ten MCQ using the topics and the learn outcome

public health question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Requirements: ……………………..
Requirements: long enough
Course Title: virtual care
fundamental principles of virtual care
Define key virtual care terms and concepts accurately.(1.1)
Explain the benefits and challenges of virtual care (1.1)
Describe the range of clinical services that can be delivered through virtual care.(2.1)
virtual care tools
Describe what virtual care tools are and their role in healthcare delivery.(1.2)
Recognize the importance of cultural competence in virtual care, respecting the diverse backgrounds and needs of patients. (2.2)
explain advantages and limitations of virtual care tools and platforms. (1.2)
explain the effectiveness of virtual care tools and their impact on patient outcomes. (2.2)
Describe the different types of virtual care technologies.(1.2)
ethical principles related to virtual care
Explain ethical principles related to virtual care.(1.3)
Assess a virtual care privacy breach case study and make recommendations for improvement.(2.3)
Describe the privacy and security considerations associated with virtual care.(2.3)

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