I need help responding to my two classmates’ discussion posts. …

I need help responding to my two classmates’ discussion posts.
1st classmate
Read the Case Study entitled: The role of crime in the work of the Philadelphia Police on Page 35 in the text.
What do you think about the article?
I believe that the article gives a strong oversight of the trends and patterns that the Philadelphia Police face in their department and how they were working to deter crime while providing an example of what crimes were heightened and should have special considerations and tactics to handle.
Should we gauge police effectiveness on Part 1 violent crimes?
According the UCR and the summary report part 1 crimes are under murder and homicide, forcible rape, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, larceny, and arson. I do believe that police effectiveness should be gauged based upon the crimes investigated. Measuring crimes are most effective according to studies.
Do you think the police should change the way they respond to calls?
I do believe that changing ways of responding to calls is important specifically when they respond to mental health calls. I believe body cameras has become a great asset to our local law enforcement so that they can go back and look at home the response went. Police agencies should require all officers to wear body cameras. As recent events have occurred across the nation it has been seen that body cameras that are worn by officers shed a great deal of light on altercation that occur between suspects and the deputies. I think body cameras are used not only to protect the suspect but also the officers and the departments. I also think that the way that officers respond based upon discretion could have an impact on the outcome of the calls.
Police were haunted by local and responded with more violence and force like they do today. The lack of training, which seems to be like what is going on today especially when dealing with people with mental issues as it is hard to reason. The lack of mental health resources is growing rapidly increasing the risk for law enforcement and responders. Responses are not the same as they were in the past for today’s officers, as it was in the early days. There was tension between the officers and the communities, especially African America. The media is not always a good outlet as well because that make the perception worse than it is.
The role of discretion in the criminal justice system serves to substitute their judgment, interests, or objectives for formally specified statutory punishments to influence criminal justice outcomes. If the criminal justice system had no discretion, I too agree that our court systems would be overloaded filling our penitentiaries to max capacity. As social workers for the local government we too as professionals must hold discretion toward case decisions if not then all group homes, institutions, and foster homes would be more overloaded than they already are regarding our adult and youth populations.
How could police reduce the time they spend on some of these other types of calls?
I am a Social Work Program Manager at a Department of Social Services, we work closely with our local law enforcement and we often respond together to calls. More times than not the calls are repeat calls that have history at times they have multiple domestics in which they perpetrator was not arrested in the previous incident. I believe that police could reduce time spent on some call and be able to deter calls by use of general deterrence can be defined as the impact of the threat of legal punishment on the public at large. Specific deterrence can be seen as the impact of the actual legal punishment on those who are apprehended. Thus, general deterrence results from the perception of the public that traffic laws are enforced and that there is a risk of detection and punishment when traffic laws are violated. Specific deterrence results from actual experiences with detection, prosecution, and punishment of offenders.
2nd classmate
Hello everyone,
What do you think about the article? I feel like the article lists a lot of valuable information regarding insight on what types of calls police officers in Philadelphia handle on a day-to-day basis. It shows how a call for service has the potential to turn into a incident. Recorded incidents are events or calls for service that have taken up a very substantial amount of police time or the incident has been confirmed by the police.
Should we gauge police effectiveness on Part 1 violent crimes? This question is difficult for sure because on one hand it seems reasonable to gauge effectiveness based on super serious crimes but also that isn’t all police officers handle. On top of all of this, the definition of effectiveness changes for different situations so one version of effectiveness might not be accurate enough to judge whether or not a police department is running efficiently.
Do you think the police should change the way they respond to calls? I think that the way police officers respond to calls could definitely be improved upon but ultimately they have to use their resources to the best of their abilities. If they had extra manpower then they could have different people for different types of calls. When you look at figure 3.2 in the article, you can see that a majority of police calls are things such as unfounded radio calls or calls to investigate a premise (lesser calls but still prevalent are false burglary/fire alarms).
How could police reduce the time they spend on some of these other types of calls? This is a rather difficult question as well because obviously the police have to respond to each call in a serious manner and treat it with respect which means that even the false burglary alarms or fire alarms have to be treated as viable threats until proven otherwise. This means that even if it is a potentially false alarm, they have to go and investigate it as if it were serious. However, that eats away at time spent on other calls and that could mean that another actually serious call could be answered too late. In my personal opinion it is really hard to say what exactly could fix this issue besides more well-trained manpower and even that isn’t a fix all in this situation.

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