I need help on reviewing and completing a formal lab report on Selective Toxicity lab

biology report and need support to help me learn.

I have started and done the intro, methods, results, and some of the discussion but I need you to review those parts I completed and then complete the discussion section and write an abstract for it. All the details are attached for it and would send my work when you accept this request.
Requirements: | .doc file
what you need to think of when doing this report:
K1. Understanding of the principles of selective toxicity in treating bacterial infections and cancer.
S1. Effective data analysis, drawing appropriate conclusions.
S2. Application of a range of key skills effective written communication, numerical skills, preparation and presentation of scientific reports.
S3. Critical utilization of scientific knowledge and data.
S4. Appropriate use of literature sources.
S5. Ability to work independently.
II. Assessment Criteria

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